Fences & Gates

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Install beautiful, functional barriers for your property

We can provide you with the materials and the contractor to create custom fences and entrances that will greatly outlast steel construction. Pipe rusts and must be painted annually to prevent damage. Additionaly, electrolysis can cause fence wire to deteriorate faster when secured to steel. Cedar post fences have been known to last 50 years or more, when properly maintained.

Protect your privacy without detracting from your property

Privacy fences give a sense of security and solitude, but aren't always aesthetically pleasing. Using our rustic cedar products, you can create a visual barrier that adds value to your property. While traditional privacy fence has to be repaired or replaced frequently, mountain cedar posts and lumber will outlast penetreated wood several times over, making it much more cost-effective over time.

Protect your pets and livestock

Cedar is also a greener choice. With no harsh chemicals, solvents, or paint, your livestock and pets are safer from ingestion or abrasion as compared to treated wood or pipe.

Secure your property, protect your livestock and pets, and create a lasting impression!

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