Fences & Gates

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Install beautiful, functional barriers for your property

Fences and gates from Jerry Stephens Cedar Yard make your land more organized, attractive, and comfortable.

Increase your privacy without detracting from your property

Privacy fences allow you to relax and enjoy your home without the sense that others are watching you. This sense of privacy creates a personal getaway where you can spend time with your loved ones away from the rest of the world.

Cedar privacy fences are highly effective at creating a visual barrier without taking away from the natural aesthetic of your space. Rather than choosing a stark fence that would look opposing, cedar gives a warm and beautiful look.

The effect of cedar privacy fences is less about keeping what is beyond the fence out and more about creating a cozy, comforting space within.

Make your property more secure and organized

If you have a farm, ranch, or other commercial space, fences and gates are essential for the organization and safety of your property. Cedar is an organic, green option for material that will withstand frequent use while also giving your space a more appealing look than metal.

Cedar fences and gates can be constructed in a variety of designs whether you want them to add visual detail and appeal or create actual barriers that will prevent the movement of livestock or deter unauthorized entrance.

The natural pest resistance and durability of cedar means you can rely on these fixtures for years and feel confident they will continue to perform.

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