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Stephens Cedar began in December 1939 when John T. (Jack) Stephens and his wife ran a gas station and grocery store on the road to Hunt across the road from where Tom Moore started Moore Lumber Yard.

On a Saturday afternoon Cecil Baldwin came to Ingram with some cedar post to sell to the local cedar yard. He came into the grocery store to ask if they knew where the owner of the cedar yard was and was told the cedar yard had closed for weekend. He had a month old daughter and need some supplies and had planned to sell the cedar posts to buy the supplies and was very upset that the cedar yard closed.

Jack Stephens told him to unload the post, grade and stack them and tell him what the cedar yard paid for them and he would buy them. He bought the post and had several people stop by when they saw them and would buy some. By Monday morning he had made his money back and had made a profit so he decided to open a cedar yard. His wife disagreed with him buying the post to begin with so he kept the money separate from the gas station and grocery store. After they divorced he kept the cedar yard and moved it a little East and across the road at the intersection of road to Hunt and what came to be known as Indian Creek Road.

In the late 1948 Jack bought 6 acres more or less from Tom Moore behind the current location of T. J. Moore Lumber Yard and moved the cedar yard to its present location. In 1961 he sold a half interest in the cedar yard to his brother Thad Stephens with the other half going to Jack’s son J. T. Stephens. A few years later Thad bought his nephew J. T. out and became the sole owner of the cedar yard.

Thad’s son Jerry Stephens went to work at the cedar yard in 1963 and then later turned it over to him and he has owned and operated it since.

While cedar posts are still a major part of the business as always contracts to clear land and remove the cedar is the backbone of the business. This is what supplies the cedar posts.